Principal Prof. T. Srinivasulu

  • Presently working as Professor in Electronics and Communication Engineering, KUCET, KU Campus, Warangal
  • More than 3 decades of Experience in Teaching, Research and Administration
  • M.Tech, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad
  • PhD, Kyushu University, Japan
  • Signal Processing Techniques, IISc Bangalore
  • Microprocessor bases system design, CEDTI Gorakhpur
  • Awardee of International JSPS Medal
  • Awardee of International Bridge Fellowship
  • Awardee of International JSPS Fellowship
  • Awardee of IETE - Biman Behari Sen Memorial Award
  • Awardee of Elsevier for outstanding contributions in peer review
  • Awardee of Gold Card from National Standard Laboratories, USA
  • Awardee of Best Paper at ICSCI
  • Awardee of ‘Outstanding Grade’ in Proficiency course, IISc Bangalore
  • Executive committee member of Indo Japan Alumina Association
  • Former Scientist, NIRM (Govt. of India)
  • Fellow, Telangana Academy of Sciences (TAS)
  • Fellow, Institutions of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Invited Plenary talk delivered at IST-CINEST, Japan
  • Expert Member, MEXT Research Fellowships Govt. of Japan, since 2016
  • Invited talk delivered at University of Malaysia, Pahang, Malaysia
  • Instrumental in signing academic MOU with University of Malaysia
  • Keynote address delivered MMIJ, University of Yamaguchi, Japan
  • Merit promotion, NIRM (Govt. of India)
  • Technical Chair to 61st Annual IETE Convention, Sept, 2018 Amravati
  • Technical Chair to International Symposium of EST, Kyushu University
  • Technical Sessions Chair, IEST Japan
  • Technical Chair, 96 ICMST, CUMT, China
  • Joint Secretary, Instrument Society of India (ISOI), IISc Bangalore, 2004
  • Secretary and EC Member: Instrument Society of India, Hyderabad Chapter
  • Executive Committee member, Indo- Japan Alumina Association
  • 148 publications in International Journals and Conference Proceedings
  • 14 Research Projects Completed sponsored by AICTE, S&T and Industry sponsored
  • One Product patent awarded and commercialized and another in progress
  • 2 PhD students completed and 6 scholars working and guided 26 M.Tech Projects
  • Foreign visits: Japan, Singapore, Honkong, China, Nepal, and Malaysia
  • Author to the book on Real Time Applications to Coal Mining Industry
  • Editor: 5 Conference Proceedings and 3 Journal of IJECE, IJCSE, Concord
  • Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Sensor and Sensor Networks, Science Publishing Group, International Journal of Research and Innovation and SCIREA Journal of Computer is an international journal.
  • Technical Peer Reviewer to IEEE Access Journal (SCIE), International Journal of Measurements (SCOPUS)-Elsevier Publisher and Microwave and Optical Communication Letters (SCIE)
  • Director (S), EQDC (Govt.) Gujarat
  • Director (S), IGIT (Govt.) Odisha