Humanites and Sciences
The Department of Humanities and Sciences is a multi – disciplinary department that serves the students of all branches in B.Tech curriculum. The department has dedicated and experienced faculty. Most of the faculty members have doctoral degrees. The department aims at doing an integrated work to improve the standards of the students and help them to achieve tremendous feats in their respective fields. The Department provides in-depth knowledge in basic sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English which forms the back bone for all Engineering disciplines and also in enhancing the application oriented skills, communication and soft-skills of the students

To provide the highest quality education to students, nurture their talent, promote intellectual growth and shape their personal development;       
To make the students understand the basic principles and concepts of physics thoroughly that is essential for successful engineers with environmental awareness.
Chemistry is a fascinating field to apply the basic principles to convert materials to value added products with engineering methods to deal on a large scale.
To improve spoken and written and communication skills of students and improve their fluency in English and also to enable them to develop their LSRW Skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) to develop their Communicative Competence in English

To provide a well organized platform in their academic development.
  • By providing good theoretical and practical knowledge to the students during their course of study, and create awareness in technology.
  • To encourage students for higher studies and to have research oriented direction.
After completion of course, the students are empowered with good technical knowledge, employability and ethical values to serve the nation